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Download and install the software AMS Cockpit



Refer to the hardware manual to connect your AMS controller, driver, power supply and step motor.



Plug your serial adapter into an available COM port. Then connect the cat-5 networking cable from the serial adapter to your AMS controller. Make sure that upon initial start-up only one controller is connected to the COM port.



Turn power on to your controller.



Start AMS Cockpit by clicking on the respective quick launch button or desktop icon. If neither were placed onto your desktop during the installation, click on Start / Programs / AMS Cockpit / AMS Cockpit.





The AMS Cockpit program will start. Make sure that under Configure / COM Settings, the correct COM port has been selected. The screen will display “ready” after an initiation procedure which takes a few seconds.



To “Sign-On” and begin communications with the controller, press the Space Bar on your keyboard.


  8   All AMS controllers come pre-programmed with a simple sequence to move a motor back and forth. Type the command “G” followed by the enter key, to initiate the program. To stop the motor from running hit the “Esc” key.