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Happy motoring. You are now communicating with your AMS controller!



If you intend to connect multiple axes to one COM port, assign each axis a unique name. To assign a name, press <Ctrl> + <N> keys at the same time, then type the desired name (any character from A to Z or a to z). When prompted, press “y” to have the name saved into the non-volatile memory. Press the Space Bar to sign on again. You can verify that the name has successfully been assigned by issuing the “X” command. The returned parameters will include the axis name.



Follow steps 2-7 and 10 for all axes that you wish to connect.



Once each axes has been assigned a unique name, you may connect them in a chain configuration using cat-5 cables (see the respective hardware manual). You are advised to insert the termination plug that is delivered together with the intelligent serial adapter into the open cat-5 slot of the last axis in the chain.



Start AMS Cockpit



To communicate when more than one controller is connected, Party Line Mode must be used. Do so using the respective button on the right hand side of the screen. The system will scan for all legal axis names and list all axes found. Please wait until this procedure completes – it takes a few seconds.


  15   In Party Line Mode, every issued command needs to start with the axis name so that the system knows which axis you intend to communicate with. For example, to issue the “G” command to axis “A”, type “AG”. You can now communicate with all controllers connected to
your COM port.