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Stepper Motor System Basics

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The higher the output voltage from the driver, the higher the level of torque versus speed. You can think of the voltage as the driver of the current. The higher the voltage, the faster the current in the windings will reach its new target value from one step to the next. Therefore it is conceivable why a higher voltage will result in better speed performance.





The torque versus speed behavior varies strongly across stepping motors. Parameters such as the inductance of the coils and their resistance play an important role. The higher the inductance, the worse the performance will be at higher speeds. When selecting a motor for your application, make sure that it is capable of delivering adequate torque at your target speeds of operation. If you are using bifilar motors with 6 or 8 leads, you may be able to optimize performance by selecting either the series or parallel configuration as explained in the section “Motor Wiring Configurations” in the Chapter “Drivers”.