MMD17 Motor-Mounted Driver Module

The MMD17 is a compact 1.5A step-motor driver, which can be mechanically integrated with a NEMA17 motor to provide an easy-to-use motion module. With selectable microstepping and adjustable phase current up to 1.5A/phase, the MMD17 is optimized for NEMA17 and NEMA23 motors.
The drive input signals are electrically-isolated and support signal voltages of from 5 to 20V. Screw-terminal connectors allow easy installation and maintenance.


  • Single power supply voltage
    • 8V – 35V motor drive voltage
    • internal logic supply - no extra supply needed
  • Adjustable phase current: 0 to 1.5A  (factory default 0.8A)
  • Selectable microstepping: Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 step
  • Electrically isolated and optically coupled STEP, DIR & ENABLE inputs
  • 5-30V control input voltage
  • NEMA17 motor mountable
  • Easy installation, with included removable terminal block mating connectors
  • No heatsink required


Technical Manual

MMD17 driver