DCB 242

This compact integrated stepper motor controller/driver provides easy-to-use features and 2A/channel of drive current, supporting all motors up to NEMA17 and most motors for most applications up to NEMA23. Operates with AMS Command Language to 


  • Single Power Supply, from 24 to 40 VDC
  • Adjustable motor phase drive current up to 2A per channel
  • Hold Current Reduction allows power savings when not in motion
  • Over 30 Powerful AMS Motion Commands
  • Built-in Non-volatile Memory Storage (2k byte)
  • Dedicated Limits, Home, Go, and Soft-Stop Inputs
  • Serial Communication allows 1 to 32 axes from single host
  • Powerful Bipolar Chopper Drive
  • Programmable Acceleration Ramping
  • Easy-to-use Constant Velocity commands
  • Robust Mounting Plate provides Support and Heat-sink w/ mating connectors
  • Industrial Connectors, provided w/ mating connectors
  • Free terminal software
  • Two user-defined general-purpose inputs
  • Three user-defined general-purpose outputs
DCB242 driver controller