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AMS freely offers the software package AMS Cockpit to interface with it's motion control products from a Windows® based computer through either a passive or intelligent AMS adapter. AMS Cockpit is compatible with Windows operating systems Windows 2000 through Windows 7.

AMS Cockpit allows the user to issue commands to AMS motion control products, Examples include setting parameters, issuing motion instructions, reading or setting I/Os, or programming the controller's memory. AMS Cockpit also incorporates functionality to develop programs using a text editor, store them as files on your computer, or download them into the controller's memory.

Please contact AMS Technical Support, if you need assistance with AMS Cockpit or if you need access to the legacy software EASI or T4W.

Hyperterminal (included with Windows XP and earlier) can also be used to issue commands through the serial port if using an intelligent adapter such as the SIN-11.

AMS Cockpit Version 1.1 Documentation PDF icon

** Important Note **

If you are using Windows XP or older, you need to install Ver 2.0 or later NET framework which is available for free from Microsoft prior to running AMS Cockpit.