This compact integrated stepper motor controller/driver provides easy-to-use features and 4A/channel of drive current, supporting all motors up to NEMA23 and  some applications up to NEMA34. Operates with AMS Command Language for easy interoperability and upgradability with other AMS controllers and motion systems. 


  • Single Power Supply, from 24 to 40 VDC
  • Microstepping Drive System allows Full, Half, 1/4 and 1/8 microstepping modes (programmable)
  • Software-programmable motor phase drive current up to 4A per channel
    • Programmable Hold Current Reduction allows power savings when not in motion
  • Over 30 Powerful AMS Motion Commands
  • Enhanced drive control up to 40,000 step-per-second speed
  • Built-in Non-volatile Memory Storage (2k byte)
  • Dedicated Limits, Home, Go, and Soft-Stop Inputs
  • Serial Communication allows 1 to 32 axes from single host
  • Powerful Bipolar Chopper Drive
  • Programmable Acceleration Ramping
  • Easy-to-use Constant Velocity commands
  • Robust Mounting Plate provides Support and Heat-sink w/ mating connectors
  • Industrial Connectors, provided w/ mating connectors
  • Free terminal software
  • Two user-defined general-purpose inputs
  • Three user-defined general-purpose outputs
DCB274 driver controller