The CMAX-410 Motion Control System provides an integrated solution for stepper motor motion control at 4A/phase (at 40V). It can operate stand-alone with user programming, or can be controlled by a central host individually or in groups as large as 32 axes using AMS Motion Command Language. The CMAX-410 operates on mains line voltage (120V standard/240V optional) and provides all motor and control signals on easy-to-use industrial connectors. All Motion Control Systems  provide command programmable motor current, hold current, microstepping mode, velocity, acceleration, etc. Designed for industrial environments, it is enclosed in a highly robust casing, is fused for AC supply, an is actively cooled with a filtered fan.
The CMAX-410 is specifically designed to reduce electrical interference and maximize safety. It is CE Certified. 
  • Highly Rugged Design
  • Optimized for low EMI emissions - CE Certified
  • Stepper Motor Peak Phase Current of 4 Amps @ 40Vdc
    • Individually Programmable Run/Hold current settings
  • Supports stepper motors up to NEMA23, and some NEMA34 applications
  • System is Fuse-protected on both AC legs, and the driver is Short-circuit and Over-temp Protected
  • Microstepping Driver System, programmable from 1/2 up to 1/256 step resolution
  • Programmable Fixed or Variable Step resolution
  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration ramps
  • Five General-purpose Output Ports drive up to 1A per port
  • Four Buffered and Filtered General-purpose Inputs Ports operate from 5 to 28V (VIO)
  • Built-in Internal Command storage non-volatile memory (2K bytes)
  • Optically-isolated Home, Limit+ and Limit- input ports
  • Self-contained Homing routine
  • Dedicated Go and Soft-Stop inputs
  • Programmable Location Trip-point feature
  • Dual-speed Jog feature with dedicated Jog Inputs
  • Multi-axis communication mode allows to operate in parallel with other AMD products from the same host computer or PLC
CMAX 410


  • Encoder Feedback option, Differential mode (-EFBD) 
  • 240VAC power option