DRV-2 Driver Module

The DRV2 provides a easy-to-use modular step-motor driver, with selectable microstepping and selectable phase current up to 2A/phase. The drive input signals are electrically-isolated and support signal voltages of from 5 to 25V. A single removable screw-terminal connector for all connections allows easy installation and maintenance. 


  • Drive voltage range: 12 to 40V 
  • Drive phase current per phase: 2A max
  • 0 to 2A phase current maximum, selectable via DIP switch
  • Microstep mode from 1/2 to 1/256 step, selectable via DIP switch
  • STEP, DIR, and ENABLE inputs electrically isolated & optically-coupled
  • Signal voltage range: 5-25V (at 25mA max requirement)
  • Removable screw-terminal connector, with mating connector included
  • Base-plate provides robust mounting structure and integrated heatsink
DRV-2 driver board photo