DCB200-series Driver/Controllers

For individual information on each DCB series driver/controller, select the name of the driver at the top of the table.

Phase Current per channel (Amps)
Current Adjust MethodManual (POT)Manual (POT)Programmable
Maximum Speed (steps per second)23,00023,00040,000
Resolution (Step mode)1/21/2Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 (programmable)
DecayFastFastAuto, Slow/Fast
User Defined Inputs333
Dedicated Limits and HomeYesYesYes
Dedicated Go and StopYesYesYes
Dedicated JogNoNoYes
Dedicated Step/Direction (for slaving)NoNoYes
User Defined (2A each at 28V)222
Dedicated Step/Direction (for slaving)NoNoYes
PLC ModeNoNoYes
Common Features
Over 30 powerful motion commandsYesYesYes
Single, 24 to 40 Vdc power supply inputYesYesYes
Non-volatile command memory storage (2k byte)YesYesYes
RS422 Serial Communications, control 1-32 axesYesYesYes
Bipolar chopper driveYesYesYes
Robust mounting plate provides heatsink YesYesYes
Provided with mating connectors (plugs)YesYesYes