The MAX-410 Motion Control System provides an integrated solution for stepper motor motion control at 4A/phase (at 45V). It can operate stand-alone with user programming, or can be controlled by a central host individually or in groups as large as 32 axes using AMS Motion Command Language. The MAX-410 operates on mains line voltage (120V standard/240V optional) and provides all motor and control signals on easy-to-use industrial connectors. All Motion Control Systems  provide command programmable motor current, hold current, microstepping mode, velocity, acceleration, etc. Designed for industrial environments, it is enclosed in robust casing, is fused for AC supply, an is actively cooled.
  • Compact and Rugged Design, but with reduced cost
  • Stepper Motor Peak Phase Current of 4 Amps @ 40Vdc
    • Individually Programmable run/hold current settings
  • Supports stepper motors up to NEMA23, and some NEMA34 applications
  • System is Fuse-protected on both AC legs, and the driver is Short-circuit and Over-temp Protected
  • Microstepping Driver System, programmable from 1/2 up to 1/256 step resolution
  • Programmable Fixed or Variable Step resolution
  • Programmable acceleration and decelleration ramps
  • Six buffered user I.O. ports
  • General-purpose outputs drive up to 1A per port
  • General-purpose Inputs Ports operate from 5 to 28V (VIO)
  • Built-in Internal Command storage non-volatile memory (2K bytes)
  • Optically-isolated Home, Limit+ and Limit- input ports
  • Self-contained Homing routine
  • Dedicated Go and Soft-Stop inputs
  • Programmable Location Trip-point feature
  • Dual-speed Jog feature with dedicated inputs
  • Multi-axis communication mode allows MAX-410 to operate in parallel with other AMD products from the same host computer or PLC
  • Encoder Feedback option (-EFB) 
MAX 410 side view
MAX410 back view